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Brood-fall-leap! into this cauldron-my mind. (Minds!)
Bring your courage: not one drop light!
You'll have need. Better yet, be insane.
It will keep you from lifting trinkets
from happy shelves, making them your own
as the path unwinds, locking you
to my windowpane-my world-my worldview.
It's caught in its rut, comfortable with its place:
bottom of the sea, tip of the stars.
Neptune, on the sly ruler of Orion,
keeps watch over sand grains,
equating them with mortal hearts,
even the upstarts.
Even the meek travel here safely,
singing pink tunes of tulip.
If they are meek, I'm celery stalks
with supercolumniating growth.
You will hear the snappings
the cracks of destruction,
and you will taste the snappings
as copper fear warns you:
a storm approaches.

'Rendi' told you what to expect.
I kick out my mind, bring within the acceptable form:
the rancid plate of conformity.
Now, have your pockets grown heavier yes, full?
Are your fingers slippery with sweat, leaving their mark?
Did you just try to place your own
haphazard ideas on my furniture,
my tables, my shelves,
for they shriek at me:
"Look at these offending norms!"
I booby-trapped my mind to protect from such rape.
I am daily my own saddler of Bawtry:
rushing headlong, no glance at, nor attempt of reprieve.

I hold these truths, I held these truths
If the self is allowed to stay,
not subsumed in a wall of other,
sound idea listen sound sight listen sound buy listen.
The capital of freedom is Abnegate
unless you're an Abecedarian laughing
all the way to the bank.
As you unlock the door of it,
the money reeks of true freedom,
scented, as it were, with the cologne of absolution.
"Vaya con dios verde, me amigo verdad."

Maybe can't buy you love.

Now. Are you retreating yet, or
will you stay and get caught
within my web of loose apium graveolens strands,
the tendrils tickling your hairs, yelling their truth:
"We are making the world safe with this war!"
I have a hard time distinguishing:
Is it a matter of import, to take you
on this tour, or is it
merely another dose of
A repost. Even so, enjoy.

As always: questions and comments invited.

Thanks to *Moonchilde-Stock for the use of their picture.
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December 20, 2008
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